Experts in public decision-making.

Our knowledge of public decision-making, its levers and its constraints enables us to support our clients so that their arguments are heard, and their interests are defended.
As a pure player in public affairs, APc advises large companies, start-ups, professional organisations, NGOs, and even countries in their communication strategies.
The combination of our legal and economic, political and media expertise associated with storytelling adapted to each stakeholder—public authorities, European and international institutions, media and civil society—enables effective teaching.

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An ethical and professional commitment.

As an actor in public debate, “APc defends interests (but not all) and promotes causes (for all)”, explains Jean-Christophe Adler, founder of the firm, to whom taking reasoned and transparent positions are equally contributing to a public, pluralistic and contradictory debate.
Demonstrating the contribution of a particular interest to the general interest is the best equation for effective lobbying. By selecting its clients, APc chooses to be part of a durable, inclusive process focussed on growth.
APc supports public initiatives in favour of transparency and applies the standards of the Charter of Professional Ethics of the AFCL. The firm is enrolled in the registers of the French Parliament and European institutions.

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Jean-Christophe Adler

Founding Director of Affaires Publiques Consultants

Jean-Christophe Adler, a communications consultant since 1991, supports businesses in their relationships with the public authorities in France and Belgium.
He has also worked for governments on strategic communication programmes and in the context of State visits and international summits.
Furthermore, he was elected and re-elected as Chairman of the Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying et Affaires Publiques (AFCL) [French Association of Consultancies in Lobbying and Public Affairs] between March 2004 and June 2009.
He is regularly involved in public affairs and media training.

A team involved with each of its clients.

As an independent firm on a human scale, APc and its dedicated and totally involved team foster closely supporting its clients.
We intervene both in the short-term and long-term, which, in turn, is expressed by the great loyalty of our customers.
We serve as an external advisor and build a genuine close working relationship with the teams that we support.

A partner for entrepreneurs

For 12 years, APc has been a partner in the BFM Awards, which BFM Business organizes to bring together economics players every year.

Affaires Publiques Consultants

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