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Affaires Publiques consultants -

Lobbying programmes

Since making your voice heard regarding a bill, changing an unsuitable regulation or pulling your weight in the public debate requires complete knowledge of the political and institutional environment, we develop and implement tailor-made lobbying programmes.

Our objective: To help you anticipate or set in motion legislative or statutory changes, which could impact your activities, have your voice heard in public discourses, seize or create opportunities to highlight your positions.

  • Monitoring legislative, regulatory, media and political settings
  • Mapping the key contacts
  • Implementing a contact’s plan
  • Creating tools of influence: institutional presentations, arguments, and white papers
  • Monitoring parliamentary work: memorandums, organisation of hearings, and monitoring of debates
Affaires Publiques consultants -

Institutional relations

Since it is always strategic and often crucial to know about and make known your institutional environment, we support our customers in their day-to-day relations with all of the public authorities.

Our objective: To help you build relationships of trust with these institutional actors to create and maintain a favourable environment in which to develop your business.

  • Auditing public affairs strategies and implementing tools
  • Defining strategic positioning and discourse
  • Identifying the key elements and opinion leaderships
  • Construction of a network of allies and supports
  • Organising events and opportunities for voicing of opinions
Affaires Publiques consultants -

Communication and media

Since it is essential to bring together public affairs and communication, we define communication strategies in line with the institutional objectives, and support you in their implementation.

Our objective: To have your messages heard and assert your positions with institutional actors, but also with the media, influence leaders and the general public, within all types of situation—corporate communication, social communication, crisis communication, etc.

  • Mapping targets and opinion leadership, creating press files
  • Creating messages, language elements and communication tools
  • Writing press releases and press kits
  • Organising events to attract the media—briefings, press conferences
  • Crisis management: organisation audits, crisis manual, simulation and training, operational support
Affaires Publiques consultants - Digital et e-influence

Digital and

Since the battle of opinion is increasingly played out on the Internet, we establish digital strategies for public affairs and implement e-influence campaigns.

Using different combinations of digital tools, we help you know in real time the actors and markers of your e-reputation, prior to defining a strategy and digital action plan.

  • E-reputation: real-time monitoring and qualitative analyses of the online presence
  • Mapping the targets and opinion leaders, developing press files (pure player media, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc.)
  • Creating and managing accounts on social media
  • Developing messages and producing content (articles, computer graphics, videos)
  • Implementing digital mobilization campaigns (e-petitions, participating sites) that challenge elected representatives
Affaires Publiques consultants -


Since it is essential to prepare yourself in advance and to manage the voicing of opinions in front of journalists and institutional actors, we propose training on the communication of influence.

Our objective: To give you the keys to understand your contacts’ mode of functioning, to help you formulate your arguments and to lead you to bring it to the actors in the political and media sphere.

  • Training in the French and European decision-making processes
  • Training on structuring of the discussion—storytelling
  • Training on voicing of opinions in the media
  • Media training—simulated filmed interviews